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Automotive Lighting Engineering (DU)

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Automotive Lighting Engineering (DU)

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From June 25 th to July 6 th 2018

in South of France (Toulon)

Automotive Lighting Engineering (DU)



Acquire the know-hows you need to design, master and experience the next generation of automotive lighting!


Unleash your creativity, imagine a new optical and lighting project from scratch.


Design your product with the most accurate software in the automotive lighting industry.


Experience your automotive lighting in Virtual Reality and make early decisions without any physical prototype.

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Acquire world-renowned optical & lighting skills in the automotive industry, and become the lighting expert global car manufacturers do need!

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Priscilla Depeyte

Priscilla has an Optical Laser Plasma Engineer diploma, and has worked for Valeo Signaling Lighting as an optical designer engineer. In 2010, she joined the OPTIS teams as an application engineer where she mainly dealt with customers training and technical support. This gave her the opportunity to spend 3 months in the Bentley’s lighting department, in England. For 2 years, she is now responsible for OPTIS internal and external’s training and an expert optical engineer.

Dr. Alexandre Merlen

Graduated by the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon and the University of Lyon, Alexandre is assistant professor at the University of Toulon since 2006. He is teaching optics, electromagnetism, general physics and materials physics. He is performing its research activity at the Institute of Materials, Microelectronics and Nanoscience of Provence (IIM2NP, and is a specialist of light-matter interaction, in particular optical properties of nanomaterials, surface enhanced spectroscopy and plasmonics.

Benoit Heraud

Benoît has an engineering degree in photonics and optronic systems at Polytech. Since 2016, he works at OPTIS, in Paris, as an application engineer. Among many other tasks, he is in charge of the company’s customer support. Due to his activity, he often works with major names in the automotive world such as Faurecia, PSA, Valeo, Grupo Antolin CML for support, technical exchanges and simple sharing of knowledge.

Julien Muller

Julien is graduated from the École Supérieure d'Optique. During his studies he worked at Valeo Lighting, where he was in charge of the optimization of light guides. Then employed as an optician designer in the LED lighting research project, he used to work on the Ford Mondeo and the Seat Leon and collaborated with Nichia, Osram and Philips to develop the future LEDs for automotive lighting. He is now a SPEOS product manager at OPTIS, where he develops key functions for major automotive manufacturers and suppliers.

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Automotive Lighting Engineering (DU)

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Carl Widman

Chief engineer of the Mustang | Ford

"Thematically, the Ford Mustang 2018’s headlight is the eye of a Raptor. We used SPEOS, a system from OPTIS, which is an analytical system for lighting and optics. What you can do, believe it or not, is take three-dimensional CAD data and then back it off on all the reflective surfaces. We ran these taillamps for 200 iterations to get the light reflection to come up in these corners. We get every little detail to make sure there are no dead spots. It is amazing to me. We were able to production-tool those straight off the bat. It saved us a lot of time."

Jean-Marc Célérier

Renault DER (study & research management)

"Thanks to OPTIS software, we truly believe we can shorten our product development time and eliminate the time-consuming and costly phase of making physical prototypes. It was a very valuable evaluation experience for the cockpit lighting design, and I am confident we can extend the technology to other sectors such as cabin lighting and exterior lighting..."

Patrick Scholz

CEO | Luxor Lighting

"Analyze and simulate optics and light, in connection with the CAD solutions on the market, remains the best way for us to master our lighting system design cycle, with a global and virtual vision, in real time. All this, with no need to resort to any physical prototype."

Kenneth Weselake

Optics Project Leader | BMW

"Tools not fully physics based don't detect all issues... OPTIS does! Meet premium light performance: optimize optical performances, validate the visual brand signature, and comply with the regulations."

Mark Harding

Manufacturing Project Leader | Bentley

"OPTIS solutions were able to combine everything together and were at the heart of our decision center addressing engineers, designers and for the first time, craftspeople altogether around virtual reality."


From VR Headsets to immersive driving simulator and VR tools scale 1:1,
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