25.06.2018 to 6.07.2018

An international post graduate degree

From mood lighting’s CAD modeling to headlights testing in virtual reality,
including rear lamps design for the automotive industry, The program’s curriculum brings together:

  • Lighting design
  • Optical and mechanical system design
  • Automotive lighting systems simulation and virtual prototyping
  • A unique virtual driving experience to test smart headlamps in life-like conditions


  • A program run by leading experts in the field of optics, light simulation, Automotive interior and exterior lighting
  • Two weeks of training in complete immersion with OPTIS, pioneer and world-leading solution provider in lighting simulation solutions for industries, working with the most prestigious global car manufacturers!
  • The OPTIS’ degree opens up additional career prospects: Get specific skills on the light modeling and VR prototyping solutions used by several car manufacturers and their suppliers!


  • 80 hours to be certified! Join a unique education program to boost your curriculum and become an expert in automotive lighting technologies from CAD modeling to Virtual Reality experience…

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This course will teach you how to model, simulate and analyze the photometric efficiency of lighting systems. You will learn how to automatically create complex geometries from optical specifications. You will learn how to apply surface and volume optical properties to a geometry, and how to generate interactive features to get a 3d ray tracing. You will have a detailed understanding of the behavior of lighting systems, including how and where the light travels, and the influence of each part of your 3D systems on the light propagation. You will also learn the Automotive Exterior Lamp fundamentals (sources, regulations, Optical Systems), how to design Headlamp including Low beam and High beam and how to perform the design and analysis of light guides (Rear lamps).

l work with SPEOS user interfaces integrated in CATIA and learn how to take benefits of it to improve communication and collaboration between customers, suppliers and development teams. Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

Duration: 5 days

This course will teach you how to dynamically experience and test your lighting systems embedded in your future vehicle in real conditions.

You will work with the VRX real-time interactive simulator, to drive your virtual vehicle prototype in a highly realistic 3D Environment.

Duration: 2 days

This course will teach you how to Render in High Resolution and in High Dynamic the photo-realistic aspect of products, with a unique physics based approach of light, taking into account the dynamics of the human eye. Simulate the visual perception of an observer within a virtual illuminated environment. You will also learn how to virtually experience and evaluate your products in real-time.

Duration: 3 days